Oxalate, 24 hr Urine

Test ID: ZG079

CPT code: 83945
Specimen Type: 24 hr Urine
Frequency: Setup: Mon-Sat; analytic time 3 days
Instructions: Send 5mL urine from 24hr collection in plastic container, refrigerated or frozen.
Text: Avoid taking large doses of Vit C during collection. Useful in
monitoring therapy for kidney stones.
PH must be between 4.5 and 8 and refrigeration should be adequate unless there is bacterial contamination. Do not attempt to adjust the pH as it will adversely affect results.
Components: Z0230 Oxalate, U (mmol); Z0231 Oxalate, U; Z0232 Hours, Oxalate; Z0233 T Vol, Oxalate; Z0234 Oxalate Conc. (mmol/L); Z0235 Oxalate Concentration.
Methodology: Enzymatic Using Oxalate Oxidase

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