Oxalate, 24 hr Urine

Test ID: ZG079

Component(s): Z0235 Oxalates, Urine LOINC: 2700-3, Z0231 Oxalates, Urine 24hr LOINC: 2701-1, Z0233 Urine Volume

CPT code: 83945
Specimen Type: Plastic 24hr urine container with 30 mL 6N HCl preservative
Frequency: 4 – 5 days
Instructions: 10mL Urine from Plastic 24hr urine container with 30mL 6N HCl preservative, Ambient, pH less than or equal to 3 with 6N HCl. Min 2.5mL aliquot.
Text: Patients who form calcium oxalate kidney stones appear to absorb and excrete a higher portion of dietary oxalate in urine than do normals. Hyperoxaluria is not uncommon in subjects with malabsorption. Twenty-four hour urine collections for oxalate are indicated in patients with surgical loss of distal small intestine, especially those with Crohn’s disease.
Methodology: Enzymatic

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