Mycoplasma hominis PCR

Test ID: ZG869

Component(s): Z5245 Mycop. hominis by Qual. PCR, Z5244 Source

CPT code: 87798
Specimen Type: Yellow-top (ACD) tube
Frequency: 11 – 23 days
Instructions: 10 mL Whole Blood from YEL(ACD), Ambient. Min 5 mL. Collect Monday – Thursday Only. Must arrive at testing within 48 hours of collection
Text: Mycoplasmas are small(0.2–0.3nm),membrane-bound organisms capable of independent self-replication. M. hominis has been linked to pyelonephritis, pelvic inflammatory disease, spontaneous abortion, and postpartum septicemia and fever.
Methodology: Real-time PCR

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