Manganese, Plasma

Test ID: Z0127

CPT code: 83785
LOINC: 5683-8
Specimen Type: Royal blue-top (EDTA) tube
Frequency: 2 – 4 days one working day.
Instructions: 2 mL Plasma from Royal blue-top (EDTA) tube, Ambient. Separate immediately. Min 0.6 mL.
Text: Used to evaluate industrial exposure. In evaluating toxicity, the serum level may have returned to normal while neurological damage persists. Toxic exposure may occur from fungicides & in the steel or chemical industry. Manganese is present in the coloring agents for glass,soap, paints, varnish, enamel, linoleum and in the manufacture of lead-free gasoline
Methodology: Inductively-coupled plasma/mass spectrometry (ICP-MS)

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