Lead, Blood (Pediatric)

Test ID: ZH380

CPT code: 83655
Specimen Type: Royal blue(EDTA)OR tan lead-free; submit original tube
Frequency: 1 – 4 days working day.
Instruction: 1 mL Whole Blood from Royal blue(EDTA)OR tan lead-free; Ambient, Submit origianl tube. Min 0.5 mL.
Text: Used to monitor environmental lead exposure in children younger than 16 years. Early symptoms of lead poisoning include anorexia, apathy or irritability, fatigue, and anemia. Toxic effects include GI distress, joint pain, colic, headache, stupor, convulsions, and coma.
Methodology: Atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS) or inductively coupled plasma/mass spectrometry (ICP/MS)

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