Alkaline Phosphatase Isoenzymes

Test ID: ZG580

Component(s): Z3025 Alkaline Phosphatase LOINC: 6768-6, Z3027 Liver Fraction LOINC: 150151-1, Z3031 Bone Fraction LOINC: 15013-6, Z3033 Intestinal Frac LOINC: 15014-4

CPT code: 84075 , 84080
Specimen Type: Red or SST
Frequency: 3 – 5 days same day.
Instructions: 1.6 mL Serum from Red or SST, Refrigerated. Min 0.8 mL.
Text: Evaluate the contribution of the isoforms of ALP from liver, bone, & bowel to total ALP; investigate elevations of ALP to determine the tissue of origin. Liver is the isoenzyme most frequently elevated when total ALP levels are elevated. Liver ALP increases in the blood early in liver disease before most other liver function tests show abnormalities.
Methodology: Electrophoresis

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