Aldosterone, Urine

Test ID: ZG066

CPT code: 82088
Specimen Type: Plastic urine container with no preservative
Frequency: 4 – 9 days
Instructions: 10 mL Urine from Plastic urine container with no preservative, or
1 g/L boric acid. Refrigerated, pH must be 4 to 8. Min 1.0 mL.

Text: Study of adrenocortical-renin-angiotensin system; adrenal cortical function test; evaluate renal hypertension; diagnose Conn syndrome (primary aldosteronism); evaluate hypokalemia with hypertension. Hyperaldosteronism increases reabsorption of sodium and loss of potassium by the kidneys, resulting in an electrolyte imbalance.
Methodology: Liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry (LC/MS-MS)

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