AFB Culture

Test ID: ZH308

CPT code:
Specimen Type: Sterile container or green(sodium heparin) or Isolator
Frequency: 43 – 56 days
Instructions: 50mL body fld, 5mL sputum or respiratory aspirate, 10mL stool, 2cm tissue, 5mL CSF, 10mL whole bld; 5cc bone marrow. Min 5mL bld. Refrig
Text: Isolate and identify mycobacteria and determine susceptibility to antimycobacterial drugs. Susceptibilities cannot be reported if the organism fails to grow in the test medium. Susceptibilities cannot be performed on mixed cultures.
Methodology: Culture is held for six weeks before negative is reported. Organisms are identified by use of DNA probes, MALDI, or sequencing.

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