Activated Protein C Resistance V

Test ID: ZG160

CPT code: 85307
Specimen Type: Light blue citrate
Frequency: Setup: Mon-Fri; analytic time 1 day
Instructions: 1mL platelet poor plasma from Blue citrate tube. Frozen. Min 0.5mL. Each coagulation assay should have a separate vial.
Text: Useful For: Evaluation of patients with incident or recurrent venous
thromboembolism or family history of thromboembolism; Evaluation of
women with recurrent miscarriage or complications of pregnancy (eg,
severe preeclampsia, abruptio placentae, intrauterine growth
restriction, and stillbirth).
Components: Z0707 APCRV Ratio; Z0708 Act Prot Res. Interp.
Methodology: Clot-Based Assay

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