Wolf-Hirschhorn, 4O16.3 Del, FISH

Test ID: ZH150

CPT code: 88291, 88271, 88273, 88274, 88275
Specimen Type: See Mayo
Frequency: Setup: Mon-Fri; analytic time 7 days
Instructions: 5mL whole blood from green sodium heparin tube, refrigerate. Alt/ Amnio fluid, Chorinic villi, POC, Skin biopsy
Text: Eval of cases of nonspecific moderate-to-severe mental retardation or
nonspecific dysmorphic features when standard chromosome results are
normal. Aids in the diagnosis of Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome, in
conjunction with CMS/8696 Chromosomes Analysis, for Congenital Disorders
Methodology: Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH)

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