Thrombosis Panel

Test ID: ZG013

CPT code:
Specimen Type: test will reflex order ZG994, ZG793
Frequency: Setup: See individual tests
Instructions: draw 6 blue, red >0.5 frozen serum, and Lav >4ml refrigerated whole
Text: RBS will add ZG994 Cardiolipin (Phospholip) Ab IgM/IgG and ZG793 Lupus
anticoagulant evaluation to the tests in this group.
Components: PROTC Protein C Activity; AT3 AT3; PTPTT PTT/PT (INR); FVLMB Factor V Leiden Mutation, B; PTMUT Prothrombin C20210A Mutation, B; PROTS Protein S Activity; Z0515 Protein S Activity; LUP Lupus Anticoag (HPP)

Test Name

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