Susceptibility Panel 1, Fungal

Test ID: ZH344

CPT code: 
Specimen Type: Organism
Frequency: Setup: Mon-Mold, Tues and Thurs- Yeasts: TAT: 7-21 Days
Instructions:  Pure organism culture actively growing on Agar Slant. Place in large infectious container and label as infectious substance.
Text: Components: Z8067 Source; Z8068 Species ID Provided; Z8069 Amphotericin B (AMB); Z8070 Amphotericin B (AMB) Interpretation; Z8071 Anidulafungin (ANID); Z8072 Anidulafungin (ANID) Interpretation; Z8073 Caspofungin (CAS); Z8074 Caspofungin (CAS) Interpretation; Z8075 Micafungin (MICA); Z8076 Micafungin (MICA) Interpretation.

Methodology: CLSI Broth Dilution

Test Name

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