Protoporphyrins, Fractionation Washed RBCs

Test ID: ZG783

CPT code: 31891
Specimen Type: Green
Frequency: Setup: Mon-Friday; analytic time 2 days
Instructions: Draw full green top, Centrifuge and record total volume and volume of
packed cells. Wash 2 times. Resuspend in 0.9% saline.
Text: Useful For: Establishing a biochemical diagnosis of erythropoietic
protoporphyria;Differential diagnosis of chronic intoxication from
exposure to a variety of causes including heavy metals and chemicals.
Abstinence from alcohol for at least 24 hrs is essential for accurate
Methodology: High-Performance Liquid Chromatography with Fluorescence Detection
Includes quantitation of zinc protoporphyrins and free protoporphyrins

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