N.meningitidis IgG Vaccine Response

Test ID: ZG665

CPT code: 86317 x 4
Specimen Type: Red or Gel clot
Frequency: Setup: Wed; Analytic time 1 day
Instructions: 0.5mL serum from red or SST tube, pour off and refrigerate. Min 0.3mL.
Text: The meningococcal vaccine response is best evaluated by testing
pre-vaccination and post-vaccination samples in parallel. A two-fold or greater increase for at least two sero-groups is expected when comparing post-vaccination to pre-vaccination results.
Components: Z3645 Serogroup A; Z3646 Serogroup C; Z3647 Serogroup Y; Z3648 Serogroup W-135
Methodology: Multi-Analyte Immunodetection (MAID)

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