Lymphocyte Proliferation, Mitogens

Test ID: ZG910

CPT code: 86353
Specimen Type: Heparin whole blood
Frequency: Setup: Mon-Fri; Analytic time 8 days
Instructions: 10mL whole blood in original sodium hep tube, ambient. Age <3mo needs 1ml, 3mo-5yr 2ml, 6-18yrs 3ml, Send Sunday-Thurs only. Arr w/i 24hrs. Text: Useful for Assessing T-cell function in patients on immunosuppressive
therapy, including solid-organ transplant patients; Evaluating patients
suspected of having impairment in cellular immunity; Evaluation of
T-cell function in patients with secondary immunodeficiency, either
disease related or iatrogenic.
Methodology: Flow Cytometry

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