Autoimmune Dysautonomia Evaluation

Test ID: ZG974

CPT code:
Specimen Type: Red or Gel clot
Frequency: Setup: Mon-Sun; Analytic time 7 days
Instructions: 4.0mL serum from red or SST. Min 2.0mL.
Text: Useful for Investigating idiopathic dysautonomic symptoms, Directing a
focused search for cancer in patients with idiopathic dysautonomia,
Investigating autonomic symptoms that appear in the course or wake of
cancer therapy, and are not explainable by recurrent cancer or
metastasis. Additional tests may reflex at additional cost.
Components: Z5759 ADA Interp Comments; Z5760 ANNA-1, Serum; Z5761 Striational Ab, Serum; Z5762 N-Type Calcium Channel Ab; Z5763 ACh Receptor Binding Ab; Z5764 AChR Ganglionic Neuronal Ab; Z5765 Neuronal (V-G) K+ Channel Ab; Z5766 GAD65 AB; Z5767 P/Q-Type Calcium Channel Ab; Z7032 Reflex Added; Z7627 DPPX Ab IFA, S.
Methodology: Radioimmunoprecipitation, Indirect Immunofluorescence Assay (IFA),
Enzyme Immunoassay (EIA), Cell Binding Assay, Western Blot, Flow Cyto

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