Anti-IgE Receptor Ab

Test ID: ZG484

CPT code:
Specimen Type: Red nongel or SST
Frequency: Setup: Mon, Thur; analytic time 7-9 days
Instructions: 1.0mL serum from red non-gel tube or SST. Separate from cells immediately by centrifugation. Freeze. Refrigerate ok. Min 0.5mL.
Text: In the presence of antibody to the FceR1, basophils degranulate
resulting in the increased expression of a specific basophil marker. The expression of this marker is determined after incubation of susceptible donor basophils with serum from the patient.
Components: Z2651 IgE Receptor Ab; Z2652 IgE Receptor Comment; Z7415 Basophils (%), CD203c
Methodology: Flow Cytometry

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