aCGH Parental Testing, FISH

Test ID: ZH182

CPT code:
Specimen Type: Sodium Heparin
Frequency: Setup: Daily; Analytic time 9 days
Instructions: 4mL sodium heparin tube WH BLD, well mixed. Ambient Send original tube. If possible, provide the name of the child on the form.
Text: Useful for: Determining the inheritance pattern of copy number changes
previously identified by aCGH analysis in a patient and aiding in the
clinical interpretation of the pathogenicity of the copy number change.
While no file definition is required, effective immediately, when ordering test CMAFF on a family member as a follow up to test ChromosomalMicrarray, Congenital, Blood, CMACB, please complete and submit the Family Member Phenotype Information for Genomic Testing form. The form can be accessed through the Special Instructions link located in the Lab Test Catalog under test CMAFF. The form is required and testing may not be performed if the completed form is not submitted.
Methodology: Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH)

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