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Welcome to the physician services section of the AMS Web site. AMS is now providing a new web-based ordering and reporting system that enhances the well known client service and support that has become our trademark for close to 30 years. Please review the Lab Portal system and take a demo tour using the Lab Portal flash demo on this Web site.

Specimen Collection and Handling

The quality and accuracy of test results are directly related to the quality of specimen referred to the laboratory. Accurate patient information, specimen collection techniques and appropriate environmentally controlled transport to the laboratory are critical factors in obtaining accurate test results. To assist your staff, AMS provides a printed and bound services guide with specific instructions on specimen collection and transport. This information is also available in the Lab Test Directory on our Web site.



AMS provides free of charge all supplies required for the proper collection of specimens referred to our laboratory. Items such as tubes, needles, culture media, swabs, pap smear kits and centrifuges. Clients can order supplies by telephone, fax, supply request form or by using the supply order section of this Web site. Supply orders are usually prepared and shipped the same day as received.


Patient Service Centers

Any of the five AMS patient service centers located throughout the city are available to serve your patients, either on a routine basis or on an as needed basis. Service center locations are available on this Web site.


Education and Technical Support

The AMS technical staff is always available to discuss test results or technical issues. Our commitment to education is evidenced by the various educational seminars we present for your staff throughout the year, all designed to increase employee motivation, enhance productivity and produce quality test results. All clients are invited to participate in these educational events.


Client Services Center

AMS client services center provides 24-hour customer support services. All client service agents are highly trained to handle virtually all your service needs. All requests for courier service, reports, test information, add-on testing, turnaround times, concerns and all other aspects of AMS service will be efficiently and courteously expedited by client services.


Courier Services

AMS has long recognized that quality and timely laboratory results begin with the ability to rapidly and consistently move specimens to the laboratory. AMS uses a combination of AMS vehicles and employees as well as contract couriers to facilitate transportation needs throughout the metro area as well as the region. All courier staff are continually trained to handle specimens in the appropriate transport mode. AMS will strive to accommodate clients by scheduling pickup times as late in the day as possible and still allow time for the specimens to arrive at the laboratory for nighttime testing and early morning resulting to the client.


Information Technology

Please ask your AMS sales representative to acquaint you with the wide array of IT solutions now available to AMS clients. The powerful and exciting e-Reference Lab Solutions internet system creates a new dimension in patient care and results archival, providing the clinician access to test results from virtually anywhere. e-Reference Lab Solutions can interface to your practice management system and EMR as well.


Compliance and Billing

If you have compliance or billing related questions you can visit the section of this Web site that deals with Medical Necessity and HIPAA. You may also call the laboratory and ask to speak directly with the compliance officer or the privacy officer.


AMS Laboratory

Get all the details you need relating to the AMS test directory, shipping and courier services, or any additional supplies. AMS will make your experience as quick and convenient as possible.

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