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Health and Wellness


Business Benefits

Businesses are embracing employee wellness programs on the theory that promoting a healthier workforce will reduce employee use of health benefits. Biometric screenings provide important baseline data to shape the direction of employee wellness programs, Providing up-front incentives to live a healthier lifestyle, an employee may be able to avert behaviorally induced medical conditions later in life that are costly to the employer as well as the employee.

Health Benefits

The major health benefit to employees is that they are provided, an overview of their major medical indicators. Some employees fail to get routine health screenings by their doctors, so a biometric health screening may be the first warning they get that they are in the early stages of a potential health problem.


A biometric screening is a general health check that can identify any significant cardiovascular or nervous system problems. This health check provides several biometric measures including: cholesterol levels for full lipid panel and glucose; blood pressure; blood glucose levels and also includes a measurement of height, weight and body mass index (BMI). Results are typically available within a few days after the screening, and are kept confidential. All participants are encourage to consult with their Physician regarding their results.


A personal Health Risk Assessments questionnaire may be a part of the biometric health screening. This tool is designed to identify health risks and outline information to assist individuals to make healthy changes that impact their health and prevent chronic disease. Employees have reliable information about their risk for chronic preventable diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension, and can identify a path for disease prevention and improved health. Some assessments may include a recommendation to seek treatment from a physician because of a very high level of blood pressure or cholesterol.

The typical biometric screening test can take up to 15 minutes, and is performed on site at an employment facility. It can consist of all or some of the following screening tests: blood pressure check; blood draw; diabetes screening; cholesterol screening and prostrate antigen (PSA).

Individual employee reports are completely confidential and mailed directly to the employee's home.

Other reporting may include a group executive summary and aggregate data summarizing major risk factors. This report provides valuable information for health promotion programming and provides a roadmap for employee intervention.

Types of Tests

  • The blood pressure screening is completed with a standard blood pressure check.
  • Other biometrics include: height, weight measurements to determine body mass index (BMI) and body fat percentage.
  • The blood test is conducted by venipuncture. Patients are required to fast for a short period of time before having blood drawn. It measures full lipid and glucose levels for both fasting and/or 90 day history of glucose in the blood stream. Other tests may include Prostate Antigen and Cotinine (for tobacco use).


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